Driveline Component Test System

Driveline Test SystemCustomer: BorgWarner Automotive, Auburn Hills, MI
Project Type: Driveline Test System
Dynamometer: Dual 300Hp AccuDyne AC Dynamometers
Control System: DynoLAB PT with remote I/O
Other Equipment: High-speed data logging system, CAN communications interface

SAKOR designed this system for testing such driveline components as transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases. The system is specially configured so each dynamometer can run independently as a spin stand with its own DynoLAB PT controller, or both dynamometers can be controlled by one DynoLAB system to provide an integrated drive/load testing system. The dual dynamometers have been engineered with a common regenerative front end that is not only extremely power efficient but also allows the dynamometers to be completely air-cooled, eliminating the need to provide fluid-cooling capacity.