SAKOR's Industry Leading Precision Dynamometer Test Systems

SAKOR Technologies has prepared a wide range of material to help customers understand our products and services and plan for the development of their own custom-configured test system.

AccuDyne Ac Dynamometer
  AccuDyne™ - AC Motoring Dynamometers - Quality, affordable, purpose-build dynamometers.
Gun Turret Drive Test System   DynoLAB™ EM Electric Machine Test System - The most versatile product available for testing motorized systems.
DynoLab PT Engine and Powertrain Test Cell Controller   DynoLAB™ PT - Engine and Powertrain Test Cell Controller - The complete test cell supervisory system.
Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test Systmes
  Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test System - Complete test system for hybrid vehicle and electric vehicle drive trains.
ECS 3000 Canister Conditioning Systems
  ECS 3000 - Canister Conditioning System - Performs all required EPA/CARB conditioning procedures.