Engine & Powertrain Dynamometer Test Systems

Engine and Powertrain Dynamometer Test SystemsSAKOR Technologies has more than twenty years of experience providing quality dynamometers, test cell controls, and ancillary test equipment for performance, durability, and quality control testing of engines, transmissions, powertrain components, and entire vehicles. We are experienced in using all types of dynamometers, including:

  • AC and DC dynos
  • Eddy current dynos
  • Hysteresis dynos
  • Water brake dynos

What sets SAKOR Technologies apart is our focus on gaining a deep understanding of exactly what our customers are trying to accomplish, rather than merely selling a product or products out of a catalog.

SAKOR Technologies brings together experts in engineering, physics, and chemistry who understand the individual systems and components that make up an engine or powertrain system and how these elements work together. We then apply this deep understanding to configure a test system that uses our modular, extensible products and components to accomplish the customer’s current objectives while facilitating the potential for future growth and change.

Testing Systems Offered

We have developed many testing systems in our more than 20 years in business, including multiple systems in all of the areas listed below:

  • Engine test systems (spark-ignition, diesel, other)
  • Transmission test systems (manual, automatic, continuously variable transmission)
  • Emissions test systems (exhaust and evaporative)
  • Stands for testing components, such as:
    • Clutch testing
    • Starter testing
    • Alternator testing
    • Air conditioner compressor testing
    • Power steering motors and pump testing
    • Fuel pump testing
    • Water pump testing

Innovative Products Configured to Customer Needs

SAKOR Technologies engine and powertrain testing systems are driven by our DynoLAB™ PT data acquisition and test cell supervisory control system, a highly flexible and modular control solution. Through a continuous product development and upgrade strategy, SAKOR ensures that the system always remains best in class.

Over the past ten years, SAKOR has responded to the increase in demand for motoring dynamometers by developing the AccuDyne AC Motoring Dynamometer System, which can provide true simulation of real-world, in-use events, including road-load profiles. The Accudyne system is fully line regenerative, greatly reducing electrical power consumption. It offers flexible power, speed and torque ratings, and a variety of engine and inertia simulation options.