Key Areas of Expertise

Engine and Powertrain Test Systems - SAKOR brings together experts in engineering, physics, and chemistry who understand the individual systems and components that make up an engine or powertrain system and how these elements work together.

Electric Motor and Generator Test Systems - SAKOR has developed a specialty in testing modern variable speed inverter-driven equipment. Much of our ability to excel in developing electric machine testing systems is based on our many years of familiarity with this technology.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Test Systems - SAKOR offers a single test system designed for testing a complete hybrid or electric vehicle driveline, or any vehicle sub-system, up to and including complete emissions testing.

High Voltage Battery Simulator and Test Systems - The high voltage battery test system is fully line regenerative, resulting in a very power efficient unit, minimizing electricity usage, lowering operating costs, and providing an extremely environmentally friendly “green” profile.

Windpower and Alternative Energy Test Systems - SAKOR Technologies offers systems for testing a variety of alternative energy technologies, including turbines and generators powered by wind and tidal energy, and also fuel cells.

Component Test Systems - SAKOR Technologies offers cost effective and convenient testing systems for hundreds of individual components, configured and sized with all the capabilities you need, but without the excess capacity and costs you do not.