Component Test Systems

Component Test SystemsSAKOR Technologies offers cost-effective and convenient testing systems for hundreds of individual components, configured and sized with all the capabilities you need, but without the excess capacity and costs you do not. Our systems can be easily expanded as your future needs change.

Examples of single component testing systems SAKOR has built include, but are not limited to:

  • Generator and Alternator test stands
  • Air actuated motor test stands
  • Compressor test stands
  • Directional drill bit test stands for oil and gas exploration
  • Power steering test stands
  • Clutch, transfer case, and transmission test stands
  • Water and fuel pump test stands
  • Starter test stands
  • Window motor regulator test stands

Many of our test stands utilize our AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometer. Since the AccuDyne is a full, 4-quadrant motoring dynamometer, it is fully capable of testing both active devices and passive devices that don’t drive themselves, such as pumps, clutches, and compressors.

SAKOR’s DynoLAB™ data acquisition and test cell supervisory control system can interface with a wide array of actuators and sensors that allow it to accurately simulate real-world conditions. For example, it can control pressure changes on pump systems, and thermal conditions on air conditioning compressors. DynoLAB:

  • Can run continuous testing and simulations of any component system.
  • Is designed to run unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Uses industry standard, commercially available hardware components.
  • Is completely user-configurable.