Electric Motor and Generator Test Systems

Electric Motor TestSAKOR Technologies has more than twenty five years of experience developing dynamometer systems for testing all types of electric motor testing. Used for performance, durability, and in-use simulation, as well as end-of-line verification and quality control, our systems are ideal for:

  • DC motor testing
  • Brushless DC motor testing
  • AC motor testing, including induction and permanent magnet motors
  • Inverter testing
  • Generator testing
  • Alternator testing
  • Starter testing
  • Most other types of electric motor and electric machine testing

Skilled with Inverter Driven Equipment

SAKOR Technologies has developed a specialty in the use and testing of modern variable speed inverter driven equipment. Much of our ability to excel in developing electric motor testing systems is based on our many years of familiarity with this technology, which efficiently converts direct current into alternating current. Another key aspect of inverter technology is that it can regenerate power back to the AC mains, reducing power consumption, providing an environmentally friendly solution that greatly reduces power consumption and leads to significantly lower overall operating costs.

  • Our signature AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometer System is based on inverter technology – This cost effective and environmentally friendly AC motoring dyno system is also extremely precise and accurate in torque and speed control.
  • We are familiar with unique challenges inherent in testing inverter-based systems – Our systems are designed to work with the high harmonic content and regenerative characteristics typical of inverter-based technology.
  • Green technology to improve electric motor efficiency – Responding to the greater awareness of the effects of inefficient electric motors on the environment, SAKOR Technologies builds test systems designed to help our customers meet more stringent electric motor efficiency standards (e.g. IEEE-112, IEC-60034, CSA390, MEXA, etc).

Accurate Simulation of Real World Operating Conditions

More accurately simulating real world conditions leads to better test results. SAKOR’s DynoLAB™ EM electric motor test cell supervisory and control system offers powerful simulation capabilities that result in more accurate and reliable determination of how a particular device will operate under real world conditions. Examples include road load profiling for electric vehicle drivetrains or power demand profiles for a generator application.