High Voltage Battery Simulator & Test Systems

High Voltage battery SimulatorSAKOR Technologies offers a High Voltage Battery Simulator and Test System for customers conducting research and development, performance evaluation, and durability testing of high voltage DC power systems. It can be used for high voltage battery testing as well as simulating high voltage batteries while conducting hybrid vehicle driveline and inverter system testing. Versions are currently available from 10 kW to over 3 MW.

The high voltage battery test system is fully line regenerative, resulting in a very power efficient unit, minimizing electricity usage, lowering operating costs, and providing an extremely environmentally friendly “green” profile. In addition, the system:

  • Costs much less than a complete driveline test system, including lower equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Provides reliable, repeatable data because the system’s performance is not affected by battery charge state.
  • Can accurately simulate a wide range of battery technologies.

Our high voltage battery testing systems are equipped with DynoLAB™ EM , SAKOR’s modular data acquisition and control system. The DynoLAB allows the system to precisely simulate a particular battery technology and/or vehicle electrical load characteristics. The DynoLAB:

  • Can run continuous road load testing and simulations, including precise in-vehicle simulations.
  • Is designed to run unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Uses industry standard, commercially available hardware components.
  • Is completely user configurable.
  • Is designed for testing to all international standards, including existing and proposed IEEE, CSA, and IEC standards.