Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Test Systems

Hybrid Electric Vehicle TestSAKOR Technologies hybrid and electric vehicle testing systems combine 20-plus years of expertise in engine, drivetrain, and electric motor testing with our considerable knowledge of modern high voltage battery systems. This gives you the confidence that the SAKOR system you select will meet your needs now and into the future.

SAKOR offers a single test system designed for testing a complete hybrid or electric vehicle driveline, or any vehicle sub-system, up to and including complete emissions testing. SAKOR’s Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Test System, winner of the SAE 2008 Technical Award for Hybrid System Technology, has a modular system architecture that includes modules for research and development, performance evaluation and durability testing of:

  • Electric motor and inverter performance
  • High voltage batteries and battery management systems
  • Transmission and mechanical components
  • Complete powertrain and emissions testing

The Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test System uses regenerative technology, resulting in minimal electricity usage and an extremely environmentally friendly “green” profile. Inexpensive to run, the system can save customers thousands of dollars in yearly operating costs. In addition, the system is easily adaptable to any future regulatory testing requirements.

The Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test System comes equipped with a specially configured version of SAKOR’s DynoLAB™ EM modular data acquisition and control system optimized for testing hybrid drivetrains. The system:

  • Can run a wide variety of road load profiles and simulations
  • Uses industry standard, readily available hardware components
  • Is completely user-configurable
  • Is designed for testing to all international standards, including existing and proposed IEEE, EPA, CARB, and Euro standards

Educational Version of the Hybrid Power Test System™ Now Available

SAKOR recently introduced a specially designed educational version of its Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Test System, which sits on a laboratory bench or table.

  • Gives students a complete understanding of the operations of all components of an electric or hybrid vehicle at a greatly reduced cost.
  • Comes in 10 to 20 kilowatt versions.
  • Does limited testing and experimentation on high voltage battery technology. Optional battery simulator facilitates more expanded battery technology testing.
  • Comes equipped with a fully functional version of DynoLab™ EM.