AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometers

AccuDyne AC DynamometerSAKOR Technologies offers the AccuDyne™ series of AC motoring dynamometers. These 4-quadrant dynos offer full motoring as well as loading capabilities. AccuDyne dynamometers can be used for testing active components such as engines and electric motors as well as passive components such as transmissions, generators and alternators. AccuDyne dynamometers are available in models from 5 kW through 3 MW. SAKOR Technologies configures each AccuDyne system to meet customer-specific requirements.

AccuDyne dynamometers offer completely seamless crossover between motoring and loading modes, providing true simulation of real-world, in-use events. Key features include:

  • Full regenerative capability, returning power to AC mains, potentially translating into huge operating savings over classic dynamometers.
  • Precise speed and torque control.
  • Full torque to zero speed.
  • Very high accuracy torque measurements (0.05 percent full scale typical, 0.01 percent optional.)
  • Able to conduct transient emissions tests and meets all new government electric motor efficiency testing standards.
  • Can be used to verify performance to all government electric motor efficiency standards.
  • Offers overload capabilities, making it possible to size units for continuous power, rather than brief transient events. AccuDyne dynamometers typically offer overload capacities of 150 percent for 30-60 seconds and 200 percent for up to 3 seconds. Higher overload capacities are also available, as needed.

Special Options and Models Available

At SAKOR Technologies, we specialize in creating dynamometers that meet our customer’s specific requirements, and we have developed a variety of dyno models for specialized applications. Examples include:

  • MicroDyne™, the table top version of AccuDyne, used for small motor and generator testing (100 Watts through 5 kW).
  • Torsional pulsation and engine simulation capabilities for drivetrain component testing, such as alternator, starter and generator tests, without the need for a complete engine test cell.
  • Gearboxless solution for low speed high torque and high speed situations.
  • Low inertia/high acceleration versions.