Ancillary Test Cell Products

In addition to our innovative and industry leading AccuDyne AC Dynamometers and DynoLAB Test Automation Systems, SAKOR fully integrates a complete range of ancillary products and subsystems necessary for an advanced test cell. Examples include:

  • Combustion air consumption measurement and conditioning subsystems
  • Exhaust handling systems
  • Fuel consumption measurement and conditioning subsystems
  • Coolant and oil conditioning systems
  • Throttle actuators
  • Spark/Fuel controls
  • Combustion analysis systems
  • Complete exhaust emissions analysis systems (per 40 CFR 1065 regulations)
  • Sound attenuating (up to STC 52) test cell enclosures with several fire suppression options
  • Process water evaporative cooling tower

SAKOR also integrates a wide range of high precision sensors and instruments for monitoring

  • Exhaust flow
  • Fuel mass and volumetric flow
  • Lambda (air/fuel ratio)
  • Exhaust Opacity
  • Weather conditions
  • Crank and Camshaft position
  • Pressures
  • Temperatures
  • Flows
  • Electrical motor instrumentation (Megohmmeter, Hi-Pot tester, DMM, RLC Impedance, True RMS power analyzer, etc.)
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