DynoLAB Test Cell Supervisory System

DynoLAB Test CellSAKOR Technologies’ DynoLAB™ data acquisition and control systems offer reliable, cost effective automation of all types of dynamometer test systems. As with all SAKOR products, the DynoLAB system undergoes a continuous program of upgrade and improvement, regularly expanding and enhancing DynoLAB’s capabilities.

DynoLAB can automate all types of performance, durability, and quality control testing methods, including complex in-use and road load simulations, as well as 24/7 unattended operation.

Key benefits include:

  • Uses industry standard, readily available hardware components, so customers can repair and upgrade their systems without being tied to one vendor.
  • Completely user-configurable, giving users total control of their testing program.
  • Regular upgrades and enhancements are made available to all DynoLAB owners.
  • DynoLAB test sequences can easily be upgraded and changed by the system owner without relying on costly programming support.
  • Seamlessly integrates all types of external devices.
  • Designed for testing to all relevant international standards.

DynoLAB Test Executive software is simple yet powerful. It features a user-friendly graphical drag and drop interface, with a convenient flow-chart method of configuring tests and controlling the system.

Available DynoLAB Models Offer Power and Flexibility

The DynoLAB is available in various models, specially adapted for particular applications. Each DynoLAB version offers specific capabilities, yet shares the same core technology, configurability and modularity.

DynoLAB PT– Specifically adapted for engine and powertrain dynamometer testing, the DynoLAB PT has been configured with the capability to fully automate all aspects of engine and powertrain testing. It can seamlessly integrate any type of dynamometer, as well as all required sensors, instrumentation and test cell support equipment.

DynoLAB EM – Configured for testing all types of electric motors, generators, inverters, and electromechanical devices, the DynoLAB EM, combined with one or more of our AccuDyne AC Dynamometers, provides a system specifically designed for testing the mechanical and electrical characteristics of electric motors and generators. The DynoLAB EM is also a key component of our Hybrid Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test System, specifically designed for testing electric and hybrid vehicle drivelines, subsystems, and components.

Regular Updates and Enhancements Continually Improve System

SAKOR makes regular enhancements and improvements to the DynoLAB system – but only after conducting exhaustive testing to prove that the new technology is robust, functional and reliable. Enhancements are made available to all customers, who can adopt the upgrades if they choose. Examples of recent improvements that enhanced DynoLAB’s capabilities include:

  • Integration with SQL database technology
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • High-speed network support, including Ethernet AK-protocol and Controller Area Network (CAN) bus
  • ISO 9000 and TS-1494-compatible module for calibration system