Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Dynamometer Testing

Hybrid Behicle Powertrain Dynamometer TestSAKOR Technologies Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test System (HEViDyne), winner of the SAE 2008 Technical Award for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Testing Technology, is a comprehensive solution for performance, efficiency, and durability testing of all types of hybrid and electric vehicle drivetrains, including:

  • Hybrid assist (parallel hybrid)
  • Gasoline or diesel/electric (serial hybrid)
  • Fully electric vehicles

Combining SAKOR Technologies, core capabilities in combustion engine, driveline and electric motor testing, the HEViDyne System integrates into one unit a Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator, one or more AccuDyne™ AC 4 Quadrant motoring dynamometers, and a SAKOR DynoLAB™  - modular test automation controller configured for electric motor testing.

The system is itself extremely power efficient since the unit’s AccuDyne AC dynamometer and Hybrid Vehicle Battery Simulator recapture a large percentage of power used, greatly reducing overall power consumption. This can save customers thousands of dollars in operations costs per year.

Modular and Fully Configurable to Specific Customer Requirements

The HEViDyne System can be configured to test all aspects of hybrid and electric drivetrain systems, including engine, mechanical and electrical component performance. Components can be tested individually or as fully integrated systems. Examples include:

  • Engine testing
  • Generator testing and alternator testing
  • Battery charge/discharge testing
  • Electric motor testing
  • Transmission testing
  • Entire vehicle drivetrain testing

SAKOR Technologies properly sizes systems for a customer's particular testing needs - we never try to sell more than is required.

Communicates with Intelligent Controllers

The HEViDyne System can control the entire testing process by communicating directly with integrated controllers via CAN bus or other vehicle network. Examples include:

  • Engine control unit (ECU)
  • Transmission controllers
  • Battery charging systems
  • Bus charging units and inverters

Equipped with Top Notch Data Acquisition and Control Software

The HEViDyne System is powered by Sakor's  DynoLAB™ modular test automation controller optimized for electric drivetrain testing. DynoLAB :

  • Can run a wide variety of road load testing and simulations
  • Uses industry standard, readily available hardware components
  • Is completely user-configurable
  • Performs testing to all international standards, including existing and proposed IEEE, EPA, CARB, and Euro standards

Educational Version of HEViDyne Now Available

SAKOR Technologies recently introduced a specially designed educational version of its HEViDyne System for use in a small laboratory environment. This tabletop version:

  • Gives students a complete understanding of the operations of all components of an electric or hybrid or electric vehicle at a greatly reduced cost.
  • Comes in 10 to 20 hp versions.
  • Does limited testing and experimentation on high voltage battery and inverter technology.
  • Optional battery simulator facilitates more expanded battery technology testing.
  • Optional true RMS power analyzer integration for inverter performance measurements.
  • Comes equipped with a fully functional version of DynoLAB™ LT.