AccuBrake™ Brake-Based Dynamometers

SAKOR Technologies configures a wide range of brake-based dynamometers for many testing requirements

Brake-based dynamometer solutions tailored to suit your testing needs

In addition to a wide range of four-quadrant AC dynamometers, SAKOR Technologies also offers a diverse array of brake-based dynamometers to test many different systems and components. Our AccuBrake™systems  include a variety of one- or two-quadrant  (uni- or bi-directional braking only) brake-based dynamometers, such as hysteresis brakes, eddy current brakes, hydrokinetic/water-brakes and hydraulic shear friction brakes. Brake-based dynamometers may be the most cost-effective solution in many test cases. These dynamometer systems are suitable for power ratings as little as 3 watts and up to 6700 kW/8985 hp.

AccuBrake Dynamometers include:

  • Hysteresis
  • Eddy current
  • Hydrokinetic/water-brake
  • Hydraulic-shear/friction
AccuBrake Brake Based Dynamometer

Key Features

AccuBrake™ Integrated Dynamometer systems utilize low-cost brake technology to provide reliable and durable operation. These dynamometers provide precision testing up to 6700 kW (8985 hp) and 50,000 Nm (36,878 lb-ft) in capacity.

Wide Range of Brake Technologies and Power Levels

AccuBrake dynamometers include a wide range of technologies for testing devices at varying power levels, providing versatile solutions across a variety of applications.

Durable and Cost-Effective 

AccuBrake dynamometers utilize durable and cost-effective technology to provide a long-lasting and rugged testing system that will meet your needs now and far into the future. 

Easily Configurable 

Our brake-based dynamometers are configured to meet your end use goals. With versatile solutions and diverse technologies available, it’s easy to find the right fit.

Special Options and Models 

All of our dynamometer systems are specially configured to meet our clients’ needs. Our brake-based dynamometers can be configured with our AC four-quadrant dynamometer systems as well as ancillary systems to optimize the functionality, usability and performance of the system.

Optional Features

Many optional features, such as electric or air starters and tandem electric motors, helps us to build the optimal dynamometer system.

Optimal Braking Technology

With many different brake-based configurations available, our experts have the tools we need to build the ideal system for you.

Integrated Dynamometer Systems

Our AccuBrake™ dynamometers integrate seamlessly with our AC dynamometer systems to fully test any device.

The SAKOR Guarantee

Each of our dynamometer systems is specially configured to meet your needs. The steps in our System Delivery Process ensures that each client use case is understood and the system you receive will be guaranteed to work for that use case scenario.

We guarantee it.

Our Systems Delivery Process

Our process is different from most of our competitors. We don’t sell off-the-shelf test systems. We work with you to provide a tailored solution that achieves your desired results. Throughout the engineering, testing, and delivery process, we work closely with you to ensure your system fulfills your goals. Learn more about our process ›

Contact SAKOR

Reach out to our team and we can tell you more about our AccuBrake systems. Tell us about your project and we will let you know what dynamometer system might be ideal for you.