Aerospace Dynamometer and Electrical Systems Testing

SAKOR Technologies designs and manufactures a wide array of systems for atmospheric and space based vehicle component and systems testing.

Test Systems for Aircraft and Space Vehicle Component Testing

SAKOR has designed and built a wide range of often specialized aerospace testing systems ranging from atmospheric control surface simulation,  to actuators and sensors for autonomous flight control systems, to high-precision servo controls for space-based telescopes, to full pre-flight testing of satellite power buses. We  engineer innovative and unique aerospace testing systems to fulfill novel, and often very difficult testing requirements, even when the target components, or required test cells do not yet exist… making sure that testing is not holding up your flight schedule.  Our systems are always fully tested at SAKOR before delivery, so you are guaranteed to be up and running in minimal time.  Whether your needs include testing/simulation of the high-dynamic environment of orbital re-entry, the rigors of the extreme environmental conditions of space flight, or proper control of a modern airliner, SAKOR has the knowledge and experience to build you a test system that meets the extreme need for accuracy and reliability required of the aerospace industry.

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Dynamometer and Electrical Test Systems for Aerospace Applications

From the preliminary engineering phases, to quality control tests, to pre-flight verification, we build dynamometer and electrical test systems for all types of critical aerospace applications.  Our AccuDyne™ dynamometer test system combined with our high-voltage battery simulator and the DynoLAB™ GenV test automation controller provides full-scale testing with precision as well as flexibility.

Flight Profile Simulation Testing 

These innovative testing systems are capable of simulating nearly any scenario the vehicle might encounter, allowing for testing of an entire subsystem (such as control surface, or reaction control), or any component, just as if it were in the actual vehicle under realistic and/or extreme flight conditions.

Power System Verification and Performance  

In addition to mechanical systems testing, our hybrid vehicle battery simulator allows for dynamic high-voltage testing of vehicle power buses from engineering validation, to pre-flight verification and much more….

Extreme Flexibility

The DynoLAB™ GenV test system controller is modular and expandable.  It can grow as your testing needs evolve.  It’s ability to communicate with most any other systems, such as thermal and vacuum chambers, acoustic and vibration monitors, or other devices via the vehicle’s onboard avionics bus, allows it to become a major contributor to any aerospace testing application.

Featured Projects

Satellite Servo Control Test System

Satellite Servo Control Test System

This system performs in-use load cycling and 100% full load testing of the servo control systems in the latest generation of NASA weather satellites (GOES-R)…

Creating Unique Solutions to Some of the Most Difficult Challenges

Lockheed slow dyno

SNC Multi-axis simulation

Starter Alternators

Torque pulse and inertia simulation

  • Starter/Alternator Systems
  • Control Surface servo controls
  • Reaction Control Servos
  • Ultra slow/ultra fast response
  • Multi-axis flight control surface simulation
  • Torque pulse Simulation
  • IC Engines (with altitude simulation)
  • Turbine testing (TurboProp and Jet Engine)
  • Electric Powered Aircraft
  • Servo/hydraulic system

Comprehensive Aerospace Systems Testing

SAKOR offers systems designed for testing and simulating complete flight environmental and operational conditions for aerospace vehicles, as well as vehicle sub-systems, and components, . The integrated battery test/simulation system not only allows complete testing of the mechanical subsystems, but also testing of high-voltage battery power and charging buses.  This allows for complete, accurate, repeatable testing across a variety of environments and simulations. The dynamometer testing systems and battery simulation technologies allow for comprehensive flight/environmental profile testing, performance testing, durability testing, and safety testing, from the engineering phase through product launch and ongoing quality control.

Our Systems Delivery Process

The SAKOR delivery process is designed to engineer testing systems that meet your needs now and into the future.  We work to understand your end use goals in order to construct a fully tailored system that is guaranteed to integrate successfully with your facility and your products. We’ll be there from specification through delivery and we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have. Learn more about our process ›

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