DynoLAB™ GenV Test Automation Controller

The DynoLAB™ Test Automation Controller is the heart of our testing systems, automating the entire test cell and all integrated subsystems

Highly Integrated, Fully Coordinated Test Automation Controller

SAKOR Technologies’ DynoLAB™ GenV Test Automation Controller offers reliable, cost effective automation of all types of test systems. DynoLAB can automate performance, development, durability, and quality control tests, including complex in-use and road load driving cycle simulations. The controller is capable of ongoing, 24/7 unattended operation, and is designed to operate with little or no maintenance for years to come.

DynoLAB GenV communicates seamlessly with all subsystems and instruments via Ethernet, USB, Modbus, CAN and other industry standard communication protocols, as well as MIL-STD-1553 connection for all existing military aircraft and spacecraft avionics buses. The controller coordinates all data acquisition devices and functionality, including RMS power analyzers, battery simulators, and even local facility infrastructure. The controller can also operate as a slave to your existing test cell control system over Ethernet, CAN, discrete analog and digital I/O. DynoLAB can measure all types of signals, including voltages, current, frequencies, temperatures, and digital signals over Ethernet, USB, CAN, Modbus and more. The system can perform complex calculations and control decisions using the data acquired.

Using rigorous testing and continuous development, we are able to make enhancements to the DynoLAB system and ensure it keeps pace with technology and continues to perform with the highest level of speed and accuracy.

The DynoLAB GenV Test Automation Controller is capable of:

  • Measurement of all types of digital and analog signals
  • Detailed calculations
  • Complex control logic in an intuitive graphical interface
  • Integration of smart instrumentation via Ethernet, USB, CAN, Modbus, MIL-STD-1553, etc.
  • Complete control of the complex test system environment
  • Integration with SQL database technology
  • Remote monitoring capabilities
  • Testing to all relevant international standards
DynoLAB GenV Test Cell Control System screen
DynoLAB GenV Test Cell Control System screen
DynoLAB GenV Test Cell Control System screen

Key Features

DynoLAB GenV is designed to be versatile and powerful, as well as easy-to-use. The fully-integrated Test Automation Controller allows for fast and easy testing, even in complex and challenging environments.

Easy to Use 

A user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface and a convenient flow-chart paradigm makes it easy to visualize, configure and reconfigure tests as needed without requiring a programming background.

Seamless Communication 

Integrates seamlessly with all types of external devices and local environmental controls using analog, digital, Ethernet connection, Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, USB, Modbus, MIL-STD-1553 etc.

Industry-Standard Components 

Using industry-standard hardware and reprogrammable sequences, users can easily maintain and upgrade DynoLAB GenV without being tied to a single vendor.

Special Options and Models 

Each DynoLAB model offers power and flexibility. Different DynoLAB options utilize unique capabilities to optimize performance for specific tasks and tests, while relying on the same powerful core technology, configurability and modularity.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Drivetrain 

Adapted for hybrid and electric vehicles, this system fully automates all aspects of electric powertrain testing including motors, inverters, batteries, and other drivetrain elements.

Electric Motor Efficiency Testing

Configured for efficiency testing of AC electric motors to international standards including IEC 60034-2-1, IEEE 112B, CSA C390, and IS 12615.

Component Test Systems

Specially configured to perform detailed testing on electromechanical components, such as alternators, generators, starters, pumps, belts etc.

The SAKOR Guarantee

From the DynoLAB to the dynamometer to the integrated devices, every system is built according to your end use goals. We bring decades of experience to every project, ensuring that the system is tailored exactly to your requirements. Our industry veterans consult on every system to ensure you get exactly what you need the first time.

We guarantee it.

Our Systems Delivery Process

The steps in our System Delivery Process ensure that your specific use case is understood and the system you receive will be guaranteed to work for your specific test requirements. We will work closely with you, step-by-step, to provide a tailored solution that achieves your desired results. Learn more about our process ›

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