MicroDyne™ AC Dynamometers

MicroDyne™ 4 quadrant AC Dynamometers are ideal for testing small motors, generators and components up to about 6 kW

MicroDyne™ 4 Quadrant AC Dynamometers Provide Precision Testing for Small Motors and Components

MicroDyne™ 4-quadrant AC dynamometers meet the unique challenges of testing smaller motors and components up to 6 kW (8hp) max power. MicroDyne dynamometers utilize the same AC Motor and drive  technology as the powerful and versatile AccuDyne™ dynamometer, however MicroDynes operate on a smaller scale. This design minimizes torque measurement errors, such as bearing stiction and parasitic torques, which can disrupt the testing of smaller devices. This allows MicroDyne to deliver highly accurate results when testing a wide range of motors, pumps, generators, alternators and other components found in comparatively low-powered equipment.

MicroDynes have been used to test a wide range of equipment across a variety of industries, including:

  • Vehicle systems, like power window, power seat and wiper motors
  • Consumer devices like printer motors, blenders and pencil
  • Lawn and garden equipment, like weed whackers, chainsaws, hedge clippers and leaf blowers
  • Home appliances like furnaces, cooling fans, and washer/dryer motors
  • Dentistry and medical devices
  • And many more
MicroDyne AC Dynamometer

Key Features

MicroDyne dynamometers meet the unique challenges of testing smaller devices. This dynamometer uses the same powerful and dynamic technology as the larger AccuDyne, but at a scale that optimally suits smaller measurement ranges. AC dynamometer technology provides faster response times, tighter control, better measurement accuracies and other advantages compared to any brake-based dynamometers.

Minimal Power Requirements 

The MicroDyne is capable of accurately, efficiently testing all types of small devices, including those with power ratings as low as 50 mW.

Measuring Parasitic Losses

The MicroDyne is able to directly measure parasitic losses (i.e. static and dynamic friction, windage and inertia) of the device under test, making quality control tests easier.

Directly Measures True No-Load Speed 

Unlike brake-based dynamometers, MicroDyne is not affected by parasitic drag and is capable of directly measuring true no-load speed.

Special Options and Models 

Like all SAKOR dynamometer systems, MicroDyne systems are configured according to your requirements. The special options and integrations available make it possible to overcome unique challenges (such as ultra-low test article inertia) and ensure the testing system works quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Flexible Positioning  

The MicroDyne may be positioned for testing horizontal or vertical shaft test articles, or it may pivot or tilt as needed to suit the device under test.

RMS Power Analyzer 

For electric motor/generator testing, an RMS power analyzer allows you to simultaneously measure controller and motor efficiency, we can also integrate instruments such as hi-pot measurements, winding L-R-C, etc.

Battery Simulator/Emulator  

An integrated battery simulator/emulator allows you to accurately test the device at varying power levels and simulate real-world use situations, such as a partially charged battery or different battery chemistries effect on range, quickly and easily.

The SAKOR Guarantee

Each dynamometer and dynamometer test system is specially configured according to your requirements. We apply our decades of expertise and experience in order to build a solution that will meet your needs now and into the future. This ensures that you get exactly what you need the first time.

We guarantee it.

Our Systems Delivery Process

Through our unique systems delivery process, we learn about your end use goals, devices, and needs, so we can tailor the optimal solution. We gather essential information about your testing requirements and work closely with you to ensure your test system achieves your desired results. Learn more about our process ›

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