Electric and Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Dynamometer Test Systems

SAKOR Technologies designs and manufactures a wide array of test systems for electric and hybrid (electric assist) vehicle drivetrains. These range from testing components, such as motors, inverters, batteries, charging systems, and even engines, through fully integrated electric and hybrid/electric powertrains.

Test Systems for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

With over 35 years of experience in vehicle testing systems, SAKOR Technologies is pleased to bring our extensive experience to the electric and hybrid/electric vehicle markets. Our expertise in engine, drivetrain and electric motor testing, as well as high-voltage battery simulation and testing, allows us to test the most cutting-edge technologies in the industry. We engineer hybrid and electric vehicle dynamometer testing systems to fulfill your end use goals, even when the required test cells do not yet exist.  Whether you are validating the latest innovation in EV technology, or performing final verification before product launch, our systems provide the precise, accurate, and repeatable data you need to move forward with confidence.

Electric and Hybrid/ Electric Vehicle Dynamometer Test System

Dynamometer Test Systems for Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

From the preliminary engineering phases to quality control tests to emissions testing, battery testing, performance testing and more, we build dynamometer systems for all types of critical driveline evaluations. The AccuDyne™ dynamometer test system combined with the high-voltage battery simulator and the DynoLAB™ test automation controller provides full-scale testing with precision as well as flexibility.

Road Load Simulation Testing 

These innovative testing systems are capable of simulating nearly any scenario the vehicle might encounter, allowing for testing of the entire driveline, or any component, just as if it were in the actual vehicle under virtually any use condition.

Battery Performance  

In addition to powertrain testing, our hybrid vehicle battery simulator allows for complete high-voltage battery testing at varying charge levels and conditions.


Fully regenerative design allows AccuDyne based EV test systems the ability to recapture over 90% percent of absorbed power, greatly reducing energy costs and creating a much smaller carbon footprint.

Featured Projects

Award-Winning Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Testing Systems

The Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test System is a comprehensive solution for performance, efficiency and durability testing for all types of hybrid and electric vehicles drivetrains. The modular system architecture combined with the battery simulation technology provides unparalleled flexibility. This innovative system won the SAE 2008 Technical Award for Hybrid System Technology. The system is capable of testing:

  • IC engine Electric assist (parallel hybrid)
  • IC engine/electric (serial hybrid)
  • Fully electric vehicles
  • Electric motor and inverter performance
  • High voltage batteries and battery management systems
  • Transmission and mechanical components
  • Complete powertrain and emissions testing

Comprehensive Hybrid and Electric Vehicle System Testing

SAKOR offers systems designed for testing complete hybrid or electric vehicle drivelines, as well as vehicle sub-systems, and components, . The integrated battery test/simulation system not only allows complete testing of the driveline at various simulated charge levels, but also testing of the high-voltage battery and charging system.  This allows for complete, accurate, repeatable testing across a variety of evaluations and simulations. The dynamometer testing systems and battery simulation technologies allow for comprehensive road load testing, performance testing, safety testing, and emissions testing from the engineering phase through product launch and ongoing quality control.

Our Systems Delivery Process

The SAKOR delivery process is designed to engineer testing systems that meet your needs now and into the future.  We work to understand your end use goals in order to construct a fully tailored system that is guaranteed to integrate successfully with your facility and your products. We’ll be there from specification through delivery and we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have. Learn more about our process ›

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