HEViDyne™ Electric Vehicle Test Systems

SAKOR Technologies’ Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Powertrain Dynamometer Test Systems provide performance, efficiency and durability testing for all types of hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains

Testing electric and hybrid electric powertrains,  batteries and more

The HEViDyne™ combines SAKOR Technologies’ dynamic solutions to provide a powerful testing system for all types of hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains. This system, winner of the SAE 2008 Technical Award for Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Testing Technology, provides full-scale testing for a wide array of applications, including performance, efficiency and durability testing. By combining AC 4-quadrant motoring dynamometers with battery simulators, the SAKOR DynoLAB™ test automation controller and any other ancillary equipment required, our experts are able to tailor a system that is perfectly suited to hybrid and electric vehicle powertrain testing requirements.

The HEViDyne™ is ideal for testing drivetrains and components of:

  • Fully electric vehicles
  • IC engine with electric assist (parallel and series hybrid)

HEViDyne Systems can be configured to test all aspects of hybrid and electric drivetrain systems, including engine, mechanical and electrical component performance. Components can be tested individually or as fully integrated systems. Examples include:

  • Traction motors
  • Inverters
  • Starter/Generators and Starter/Alternators
  • Batteries
  • Electric assist motors
  • Transmissions
  • IC Engines
  • Entire vehicle drivetrains
HEViDyne Electric Vehicle Test System

Key Features

All of our systems are built to optimize accuracy and efficiency. Not only are our HEViDyne™ systems capable of performing multiple tests for hybrid and electric vehicle powertrains and components, the systems are also highly energy-efficient and able to adapt to the needs of many different vehicle powertrain types.

Industry Standard Components 

The HEViDyne™ system, including the DynoLAB™ test automation controller, uses industry standard, commercial, off-the-shelf hardware components that are readily available. This system is also completely user-configurable, making it easy to maintain and adapt as needed.

Reduce power needs and expenses   

The HEViDyne™ is extremely energy-efficient. The ability to recapture a large percentage of the power used greatly reduces the overall power consumption helping most customers save thousands of dollars in energy costs each year.

Standardized Testing 

This system helps auto manufacturers meet stringent testing requirements for energy efficiency, emissions, safety and performance, in the US and internationally. Our systems perform testing to all international standards, including existing and proposed IEEE, IEC, EPA, CARB, and Euro standards.

Special Options and Models 

Our systems are not one-size-fits-all. We configure every system to ensure it meets our clients’ testing requirements. These are just a few of the special options and integrations that allow our systems to perform an extensive array of tests for any type of hybrid or electric vehicle drivetrains.

Communications with Intelligent Controllers 

The HEViDyne System can control the entire testing process by communicating directly with integrated motor/engine/transmission controllers via CAN bus or other vehicle networks. This includes the powertrain control units (PCU), inverters, battery control units, transmission controllers, and more.

Any Torque, Power or Speed Range

The HEViDyne system is capable of testing vehicle drivelines and subsystems at any torque, power or speed range. We have configured HEViDyne™ systems with rated power up to one MW and max speed above 35 krpm, with the ability to configure much higher speed and more powerful systems.

Configurations with multiple dynamometers are available.

Laboratory Settings 

The HEViDyne for laboratory settings is ideal for experimentation and education. This tabletop system performs limited testing on high voltage battery and inverter technology. Optional integrations with a battery simulator and true RMS power analyzer offer additional testing capabilities.

The SAKOR Guarantee

We work closely with you on each dynamometer system to ensure that it performs effectively and efficiently. With each system tailored to meet your requirements and tested prior to delivery, we ensure the system you receive performs at the highest level. Our industry veterans consult on every system to ensure you get exactly what you need the first time.

We guarantee it.

Our Systems Delivery Process

Our process is different from most of our competitors. We take the time to understand your test requirements and products, and configure a system that will work with optimal efficiency. We don’t add in extras and we only use high-quality components that are suited for your requirements. Learn more about our process ›

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