Dynamometer Test Systems for Components

SAKOR Technologies engineers tailor dynamometer test systems for individual components, such as motors, generators, alternators, integrated starter/alternators, pumps, compressors, and much more…

Test Systems for Components

SAKOR Technologies builds complete testing systems to assess fully-assembled products as well as individual components. We have built cost-effective and convenient testing systems for hundreds of individual components for a wide range of industries. Each test cell is configured and sized to provide the capabilities you need, without excess capacity and costs. Whether you are testing for engineering validation, durability, performance, quality, safety or another metric, we will design and configure a solution that works with your products and your facility. We work with components of all sizes and types, from low-powered consumer devices to heavy-duty generators to high-performance engine components, and many more. With seamless integration and easily re-programmable test sequencing, our systems can be conveniently expanded as your future requirements change.

Some of our dynamometer test systems for individual components include:

  • Generator and alternator test stands
  • Starter test stands
  • Integrated starter/alternator test stands
  • Air actuated motor test stands
  • Hydraulic actuated motor test stands
  • Servo Controls test stands
  • Compressor test stands
  • Water and fuel pump test stands
  • Electric power steering test stands
  • Clutch, transfer case, and transmission test stands
  • Drive Belt Noise Evaluation test stands
  • Valve Spring test stands
  • Window motor regulator test stands
  • Directional drill head test stands for oil and gas exploration
  • And many more…
Component Test System

Dynamometer Test Systems for Components

Testing individual components is an important step in making sure that your completed products perform properly. Whether you are testing an individual component on a particular metric with laser focus, or you are testing numerous components through many potential situations for durability or Statistical Quality Control, our team will work with yours to design a test system that meets your specific needs efficiently and cost-effectively. From automotive components to commercial tools to military satellites and everything in between, we work with a diverse range of large and small components. 

Tailored Design

Our dynamometer test systems are built according to your end use goals. The test cell is made to fit your testing facility, products and metrics.


Made with best-in-class dynamometers and a highly adaptable test automation controller, our component test cells withstand years of continuous use, even as your testing needs change.


Each test cell is designed, engineered and rigorously tested to ensure it works prior to shipping. This means it’s up and running quickly at your location.

Featured Projects

Belt Noise Test Stand

Belt Noise Test Stand

SAKOR Technologies developed a belt noise test stand for Ford Motor Company to meet new SAE specifications for belt noise in vehicles front-end accessory drive…

Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) Test System

Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) Test System

SAKOR Technologies designed and built a front-end accessory drive (FEAD) test system to accurately simulate the dynamic conditions experienced by engine front-end accessories (alternators, water…

Valve Spring Test System

Valve Spring Test System

SAKOR Technologies supplied a valve spring test system to SAIC Motor Corporation Limited, a major, multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Shanghai, China. The SAKOR…

Adaptable Testing

Many of our test stands utilize our AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometer. Since the AccuDyne is a full, 4-quadrant motoring dynamometer, it is fully capable of testing both active devices and passive devices that don’t drive themselves, such as pumps, clutches, and compressors.

The vast majority of our test stands are automated by our DynoLAB GenV test automation controller.  DynoLAB GenV is highly versatile and capable of integrating with many other testing systems and ancillary equipment. This allows you to maintain accurate measurements, as well as test a wide range of scenarios… and even change tests as needed. The test cell maintains consistency while giving you room to grow as your components and products evolve. 

Our test cells provide a wide range of advanced capabilities, including:

  • Torsional pulsation and engine simulation for drivetrain components, such as alternator, starter and generator tests, without the need for a complete engine test cell.
  • Offers overload capabilities, making it possible to size units for continuous power, rather than brief transient events. AccuDyne dynamometers typically offer overload capacities of up to 150 percent for 30-60 seconds and up to 200 percent for up to 3 seconds. Higher overload capacities are also available, as required.
  • Fully line-regenerative capability, returning absorbed power to the AC mains, potentially translating into huge operating savings over classic brake based dynamometers.

Powerful and Accessible

Our tailored dynamometer systems are configured with a powerful and accessible test automation controller. SAKOR’s DynoLAB™ GenV data acquisition and test cell supervisory control system can interface with a wide array of actuators, sensors, and sub-systems that allow it to accurately perform all required testing protocols precisely and repeatability. In addition, the graphical interface is easy to use and accessible to operators without specialized software training. The flowchart based sequencing allows your staff to make changes as needed with minimal training from our team. 

DynoLAB GenV:

  • Can run continuous testing, including simulation of the component’s typical, or extreme operating environment.
  • Is designed to run unattended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Uses industry standard, commercially available hardware components.
  • Is completely user-configurable with no software background required.
  • Integrates seamlessly with multiple dynamometers, engine control units, cell safety systems, environmental controls, smart I/O devices and more. 

Our Systems Delivery Process

The SAKOR delivery process allows us to configure the optimal test system for your components.  We work to understand your end use goals first, so we can deliver a fully tailored system that is guaranteed to work with your components. From specification through delivery, we are only a phone call away to answer your questions. Learn more about our process ›

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When your tests require precision, longevity and durability, SAKOR is your best option. With over 35 years of experience, we have delivered many different testing systems for components. We’ve solved unique industry challenges and created testing systems that competitors could not.  Let’s have a conversation to see if we can help you out with your next project.