Alternative Energy Test Systems

SAKOR Technologies designs, manufactures and delivers tailored dynamometer test systems for alternative energy technologies

Test Systems for Alternative Energy

SAKOR Technologies builds test systems for a wide array of alternative energy solutions. Our test cells can effectively test components and systems in wind power, tidal power, solar power and fuel cells. We individually tailor test systems to meet the unique needs of your product. This allows us to overcome complex challenges that off-the-shelf test systems cannot. From the earliest engineering stages through the final performance and durability evaluations, our systems will continue to meet your most stringent requirements.

Wind turbines

Dynamometer Test Systems for Alternative Energy Industries

SAKOR Technologies’ test cells for alternative energy systems are configured to meet the specific demands of your industry. By applying the most appropriate dynamometer and power analysis technologies, we take on complex challenges and develop systems that will integrate seamlessly with your products and facilities. Our tailored test systems are capable of testing individual components of cutting-edge alternative energy technologies, as well as fully integrated systems, even when other test cells can’t. When your system arrives, it is ready to run, and will continue to perform from the earliest engineering stages through the final performance and durability evaluation of your finished product.

Save Space

Our AccuDyne™ AC regenerative dynamometer systems are extremely energy efficient and require less cooling and heat dissipation equipment than conventional dynamometers. This, in turn, significantly reduces the physical footprint of the system.

Reduce Testing Costs 

Energy absorbed by the system is captured and recirculated. Excess energy is returned to the electrical grid, greatly reducing the power required to run the system… by up to 90%.

Reduce Testing Time 

Our fully automated DynoLAB GenV test cell control system eliminates the need for manual user intervention during the test. This can greatly reduce testing time as well as improve repeatability and accuracy.

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Complete Performance Testing

SAKOR Technologies AccuDyne™ AC Motoring Dynamometer Systems can be used to test the mechanical performance of turbines, generators/alternators and control actuators. The test cell can perform both laboratory profiles and true simulation of real-world operating conditions for alternative energy systems.

Since it utilizes a true 4-quadrant, motoring dynamometer, customers can use the AccuDyne to test the two halves of the system, including the turbine and generator, under realistic conditions, while contained in a safe, controlled, laboratory setting. The dynamometer can begin by measuring the mechanical turbine, then drive the generator to accurately measure the power produced, and finally monitor performance characteristics of the turbine and generator working together.

AccuDyne AC Motoring Dynamometer

Developing and Validating Control Strategies

The combination of the AccuDyne™ AC dynamometer with SAKOR’s DynoLAB™ GenV Test Cell Automation System provides the unique ability to simulate real-world conditions that alternative energy systems might face in the field, without leaving the laboratory. The system can be used to design, develop, and verify control strategies of each subsystem, as well as the complete product before beginning expensive field testing.

The system can:

  • Conduct complex simulations to develop control strategies.
  • Record data on wind and weather conditions and respond or retest them, without having to rely on actual conditions.
  • Compress the time it takes to test components, because you don’t have to wait for the weather to cooperate.
  • Communicate between the controller and other smart devices.
  • Test algorithms proposed for use in the controller
  • Conduct accelerated durability tests under controlled conditions before committing to expensive field tests.
  • Conduct end-of-line production tests to ensure each device comes off the manufacturing line within specification and without defects.

Our Systems Delivery Process

The SAKOR delivery process is different from the competition.  We work to understand your end use goals and to ensure a fully tailored system that is guaranteed to work at your facility. We’ll be there from specification through delivery and we are only a phone call away for any questions you may have. Learn more about our process ›

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