Electric Motor Testing

SAKOR Technologies tailors dynamometer test systems for all types of electric motors and controllers, including testing for design validation, performance, durability, efficiency, quality, and safety.

Electric Motor Test Systems

SAKOR Technologies brings over 35 years of experience to each electric motor testing system. Our extensive expertise with automated testing systems, combined with our knowledge of the operation and performance of electric motors and controllers (inverters), allows us to configure test cells that are precise, repeatable, and cost-effective.

The world of electric motor testing is extremely diverse, often having stringent requirements and competing priorities.  The key to designing the optimum system, for a specific application, is to provide the maximum degree of accuracy, precision, and repeatability reasonably available while also providing for the maximum dynamic range of models that can be tested. Our years or experience have provided us with the knowledge to select the proper components and subsystems to create a test cell that meets all of these often competing requirements.  Examples of some of the most prominent challenges are:

Aircraft Starter Generator Testing Units

Electric Motor Efficiency Testing

By far one of the most prominent and challenging types of testing today is Electric Motor Efficiency Testing.  It has been determined that one of the largest uses of electricity in the world today is powering commercial, consumer, and EV electric motors.  Since most of this electricity is taken from the power grid, and is therefore generated by burning of fossil fuels, powering of electric motors has been determined to be one of the largest direct causes of the generation of greenhouse gases in the world.  This leads to the fact that one of the best ways to reduce these emissions is improve the efficiency of the electric motors being designed and sold.  To this end, most countries in the world have subscribed to one or more of the electric motor efficiency standards created by world standards organizations, such as IEEE-112 (USA), IEC 60034-2-1 (Europe), CSA390 (Canada), IS15999 (India), as well as several others.  This means that to sell new electric motors in these countries it is required that electric motor manufacturers prove that their new designs meet these ever more restrictive standards. Compounding this issue is that due to the often tight accuracy tolerances required, it is often very difficult to create an individual electric motor efficiency test stand that can test a significantly wide range of motor models.  SAKOR Technologies has spent a great deal of time and effort creating a line of test stands with the widest possible dynamic range… allowing each customer to accomplish their required testing with the smallest number of test stands.

Electric Motor Test System

Performance and Design Validation

Performance in the finished product is the ultimate goal in any motor, generator, or other component design.  With today’s rapid design and production cycles, it is more imperative than ever that new designs perform up to, or exceed their design specifications the first time. There is just no time for trial and error. Also, due to these shortened cycles, final testing of the complete motor and mechanical assembly is often abbreviated or even eliminated.  Based on our AccuDyne AC dynamometers and DynoLAB GenV Test Cell Controllers, SAKOR can provide you with a system optimized for the complete range of testing that you really need.  Our systems will not only prove that your motor design meets or exceeds it’s design specifications, but they can also be configured to simulate the mechanical system being mated to the motor.  This may include inertia simulation and/or torque pulse simulation, as well as modeling of regenerative modes or other characteristics of the target mechanical system… Even those that don’t yet exist!  This provides for maximum confidence that the motor will not only perform to it’s design specifications, but also that it will perform properly as part of the complete system.

Durability Testing

Now that you have an electric motor, generator, or system that meets it’s design specifications, as well as any relevant efficiency standards, it is often necessary to prove that it is durable enough to operate over the expected life of the equipment without failure (within acceptable statistical tolerances).  In order to accomplish this, in a reasonable amount of time, it is typical to subject the test article to repetitive cycles of operation.  These may range from a simulation of what the device will actually experience in the real-world, or it may be subjected to extreme conditions intended to “age” the part much more quickly.  SAKOR very carefully designs it’s durability systems to be sure that the test stand components themselves have higher capacities, are more robust, and are rated for continuous operation under the most stringent operating conditions required.  In other words you’re always testing the Unit Under Test, NOT the test equipment itself.  Our AccuDyne dynamometers and DynoLAB GenV control systems are specifically designed to operate continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… unattended.  If problems arise, you are informed by the system, and can determine proper action.  This, in turn allows the system to perform the continuous (and monotonous) durability testing while you are free to do data analysis and the other aspects of testing that require you’re specific expertise.

M1A1 Abrams Gun Turret Drive Test System

Production Testing

In many cases, the reliability of the unit being built must be of such a level that it, and/or it’s sub-components, must be tested during fabrication on the assembly line.  Due to the modular, networked  basis of our DynoLAB GenV system, it is straight forward to create multiple test stations along the assembly line that can operate independently from each other, as well as a fully networked system where the test stations communicate data between each other and even with an overall supervisory system if required.  This highly integrated testing functionality provides for maximum confidence in the quality of your finished product, with the minimum of human intervention required.

Electric Vehicle Motor/Inverter Production Testing System

Quality Control Testing

Even many of our customers that don’t actually build the motors used in their products, but rather buy them from third-party vendors have need for verification of quality control (QC).  In today’s highly cost sensitive markets, it is very common for manufacturers to find lower cost suppliers and integrate their components into their products.  This constant changing of components along the supply chain means that the quality of components being purchased, such as motors, may change without you knowing it.  A lower cost motor may fit properly into your product, but will it perform to the same standards as before?  Is the same model you have been purchasing for years changing components, and quality, over time.  One way to know this is to perform incoming QC testing, either statistical or 100% QC, as these units are received and accept only lots that meet requirements.  In this way, you will never be caught by surprise when a motor source that you have just selected, or have been using for years, develops quality or performance issues.

From initial design to prototype testing, to final production… SAKOR has the experience and expertise to meet you most difficult challenges…

Turnkey Electric Motor Test System

Dynamometer Test Systems for Electric Motors

SAKOR Technologies designs and builds dynamometer test systems for electric motors with your end use goals in mind. These systems aren’t ordered from a catalog; we configure a test system to meet your specific requirements, instead of trying to fit a general-purpose “model” that does not perform optimally for your needs. This means the testing system operates efficiently and delivers the most accurate results possible for you specific requirements.

Reduced Energy Costs 

Our  AccuDyne™ AC Motoring Dynamometers regenerate absorbed power back to AC mains, reducing overall power consumption and energy costs.

Tailored Solution  

Whether you are testing high-powered electric motors for performance or finely-tuned motor controller algorithms for high precision, your testing solution will be a perfect fit.


As your testing requirements expand and change over time, your testing system must grow with you, or become obsolete. With our highly adaptable DynoLAB™ GenV controller and modular integration, the system can and will grow as your testing needs evolve.

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Accurate Simulation of Real World Operating Conditions

More accurately simulating real world conditions leads to better test results. SAKOR’s DynoLAB™ electric motor test automation controller offers powerful simulation capabilities that result in more accurate and reliable determination of how a particular device will operate under real world conditions. Examples include road load profiling for electric vehicle drivetrains or power demand profiles for a generator application.

Our Systems Delivery Process

Our systems delivery process is designed to give you a tailored solution that fulfills your end use goals. Throughout this process, we gain a clear understanding of the products you are testing, your facility, your challenges, and your goals, so we can design a system that works properly. Through specification, engineering, configurations and installation, we are only a phone call away, and happy to answer any questions you have. Learn more about our process ›

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