AccuHD™ Hub Dynamometers

SAKOR Technologies’ hub dynamometers make automated vehicle and powertrain components testing safe, accurate, fast, and easy.  We might be able to save you some money too.

Testing all types of vehicle and powertrain components with the highest accuracy and repeatability

AccuHD™ hub dynamometers are designed to make powertrain testing safe, accurate, and less expensive for all types of vehicles. These dynamometers connect directly to the wheel hubs of any vehicle using simple adapters that replace the wheels and tires. This design provides a number of advantages over conventional roller-based chassis dynamometers. AccuHD hub dynamometers can be independently controlled or synchronized with other hubs. Also, these dynamometers do not require a dyno pit, and instead require only a smooth floor, making installation much quicker and less expensive. Since the power is transferred from the vehicle wheel hubs to the dynamometers instead of the vehicle tires, the operation is not only more accurate, but also much safer. The system can be left unattended during fully automated durability testing, unlike most roll-type chassis dynamometers. With AccuHD™ hub dynamometers, there is no potential for dangerous tire failure incidents. Also, the vehicle reaction forces are vertical rather than horizontal as they are on a rolls type chassis dynos, so no vehicle restraint system is required and failure of the vehicle restraint system won’t cause the vehicle to launch off the dynamometer rolls, further increasing safety.

AccuHD hub dynamometers are suitable for a wide range of vehicles with any number of driven and non-driven hubs, including:

  • 2- or 3-wheel scooters
  • 2- or 4-wheel drive passenger vehicles
  • Light, medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicles
  • Racing and high-performance vehicles
  • Off-road/AG or military wheeled or tracked vehicles
  • And more
Close-up of a car wheel

Key Features

AccuHD hub dynamometers make vehicle testing safer and more efficient. The unique design of this dynamometer system not only allows for safe, completely automated and unattended testing, but also makes installation easier with no need for a dyno pit. Several critical advantages over roll-type dynamometer systems make AccuHD the easy choice for powertrain testing.

High-Level Accuracy and Repeatability  

AccuHD systems measure wheel hub torque and speed directly with in-line shaft torque and speed sensors for exceptional  accuracy (at least 0.05% Full Scale) and repeatability.

Eliminating Risk of Tire Failure   

By attaching directly to the wheel hubs, AccuHD systems eliminate the risk of dangerous tire failures. AccuHD systems are capable of testing and simulating real-world events without risk to personnel, the test vehicle or the facility.

Automated, Unattended Operation 

The DynoLAB™ test automation controller automates robot drivers to enable completely repeatable, unattended testing. This makes R&D and durability testing safe, accurate, repeatable, less expensive and easy.

Special Options and Models 

AccuHD hub dynamometers are highly versatile, providing many types of durability, performance, and development tests for almost any type of vehicle. Many different configurations and options allow our experts to tailor the most cost-effective, efficient dynamometer system for your requirements.

Optimized for Your Needs 

AccuHD dynamometer systems are tailored according to your vehicles and testing requirements. These systems can be optimized for low-powered 2- and 3-wheel vehicles to high-powered military and racing vehicles with any number of driven and non-driven wheels or tracks, and everything in between.

Battery Simulator/Emulator 

Integration with a battery simulator/emulator system allows you to easily test the vehicle at varying charge states and simulate any real-world situation, such as a partially discharged state, different battery capacities, or different battery chemistries the vehicle may encounter.

Flexible Integration 

The AccuHD system is capable of integration with a wide range of ancillary subsystems and sensors, including true RMS power analyzers, sound and vibration instruments, emissions measurements, throttle actuators, robot drivers, and many more.   

SAKOR also offers optional flat track belts for each wheel that can directly measure true tractive effort when the vehicle tires must be used to transmit wheel torque to the hub dynamometers.  Additional options include a pot-hole and bump actuator for each flat rack.

The SAKOR Guarantee

We work hard to ensure that your dynamometer system is tailored to meet your end use goals. Our experts take the time to understand your requirements before we get started, and we never add on unnecessary extras. This way, your dynamometer system is both highly efficient and cost-effective.

We guarantee it.

Our Systems Delivery Process

Our process is different from most of our competitors. We gather information about the device under test first, so we can configure a system that will work with optimal efficiency. With this data, we build the best system possible. We then test the system prior to delivery, and provide installation, training, and support so your equipment is ready to work.  Learn more about our process ›

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