AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometers

SAKOR Technologies tailors AC Dynamometers and complete testing systems for engines, motors, transmissions, pumps, generators and more

AccuDyne™ AC Dynamometers Provide Accurate, Versatile Testing Systems to Meet Your Most Stringent Requirements

The AccuDyne™ 4-quadrant dynamometer is highly versatile, with the ability to fulfill testing needs for a wide array of systems and components. Full motoring and loading capabilities give the AccuDyne a wide range of testing abilities suitable for power-producing components, such as engines and electric motors, as well as loading components, such as transmissions, pumps, generators, alternators and more.

AccuDyne dynamometers are fully configured to meet each client’s end use requirements. With models ranging from 5 kW through 20 MW, the AccuDyne is capable of testing small and precise devices as well as heavy-duty equipment. Each AccuDyne dynamometer system is tailored according to your requirements for rated power, rated torque and max speed. The AccuDyne and completed dynamometer system is designed to meet the specific needs of your particular tests and test articles with many special options and features available.

The AccuDyne™ AC dynamometer is:

  • A versatile testing system ranging from 5 kW through 20 MW
  • Configured to meet your unique testing needs
  • Suitable for power-producing components, including engines and motors, as well as loading components, including transmissions, pumps, generators, alternators etc.
  • Capable of full bi-directional loading and motoring of the device under test
  • Can provide full rated torque at stall (zero RPM)
  • Uses either line regenerative power absorption or resistive power dissipation
AccuDyne AC Motoring Dynamometer

Key Features

AccuDyne dynamometers offer completely seamless crossover between motoring and loading modes, providing true simulation of real-world, in-use events. These dynamometers are not only versatile and able to meet challenging testing conditions, but they are also highly accurate and energy-efficient.

Fully Regenerative

Fully regenerative capabilities allow power to return to AC mains, saving energy costs significantly compared to brake-based dynamometers. Non-regenerative options are also available.

Precise Speed and Torque Control

These dynamometers offer full torque to zero speed control while providing exceptional accuracy for torque measurements (0.05 percent full scale typical, 0.01 percent optional).

Overload Capabilities

Up to 200% overload capability allows the dynamometer to be sized for continuous power, rather than brief transient events.

Special Options and Models 

At SAKOR Technologies, we specialize in creating dynamometers that meet our customers’ specific requirements, and we have developed a variety of dyno models for specialized applications. These and many other unique configurations allow the AccuDyne to meet challenging testing requirements for cutting-edge devices.

Tailored Base and Bedplate 

Special configuration of the base and bedplate allows the dynamometer assembly to tilt up to +/- 90 degrees with up to +/- 90 degree CW/CCW dynamically rotating DUT mounting fixtures.

Torsional Pulsation and Engine Simulation

Easily test drivetrain components, such as starter/alternators, transmissions, gearboxes, clutches etc. without the need for a full engine test cell.

Flexible Configurations 

We offer optimal solutions for very low speed, very high torque, and very high speed applications. Additional variations are available to test ultra low inertia, ultra high acceleration conditions, and more.

The SAKOR Guarantee

Each dynamometer and dynamometer test system is configured to meet your end use goals. Our engineers take the time to understand your testing requirements and build a solution that will meet your needs now and into the future. This ensures that you get exactly what you need the first time.

We guarantee it.

Our Systems Delivery Process

Our unique systems delivery process allows us to design and build dynamometer test systems that meet cutting-edge industry challenges. Throughout this process, we engineer a solution based on rated power, torque, speed, and other data that is essential to the testing situation. This collaborative process helps us construct a tailored solution that achieves your desired results. Learn more about our process ›

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