Electric Vehicle Battery Simulation and Test Systems

SAKOR Technologies offers a High Voltage Battery Simulator and Test System for customers conducting research and development, performance evaluation, and durability testing of high voltage DC power systems and high voltage batteries.

Simulation and Test Systems for Electric Vehicle Batteries

The safety, performance, and durability of electric vehicle batteries are essential to the overall performance of the vehicle. To ensure these key components perform at the highest level, proper testing and simulation is vital. SAKOR Technologies designs and configures sophisticated testing and simulation systems for all types of electric vehicle battery tests. These tests are able to simulate real-world conditions as well as extreme events to run the battery through any possible situation. Our battery simulation and testing systems are capable of testing the battery at varying charge states and through any road course driving cycle. Our battery emulation technology can model any battery capacity or chemistry, even future batteries that don’t exist yet.

Battery Tester

Dynamometer Test and Simulation Systems for Electric Vehicle Batteries

SAKOR Technologies delivers complete test systems for electric vehicle batteries of all types. These test cells, combined with powerful simulation systems and the DynoLAB adaptable test automation controller, allow operators to run the battery through any conceivable scenario. Our turnkey systems are engineered according to the unique constraints, characteristics and challenges the battery may face. This tailored system operates continuously and delivers accurate, repeatable results that you can use in product development, quality testing, safety testing, and more.

Turnkey Systems 

The test cells, simulator, controller and ancillary components will work together seamlessly and fulfill all of your goals.

Full-Scale Testing Capabilities 

The testing and simulation system for electric vehicle batteries is capable of testing at every level, including engineering, production, and quality control

Accurate, Repeatable Simulation 

The system will repeatedly simulate in-vehicle usage and provide consistent, accurate test data.

Complete Performance Testing

The high-voltage electric vehicle battery simulator, test system and DynoLAB™ controller constitutes a full-scale, turn-key testing platform capable of running the battery through every situation and assessment required. This completed system is designed for your end use goals, and capable of adapting as your needs change. Since the DynoLAB is fully user configurable, the resulting system can perform all types of engineering, production, and quality control testing, including:

  • Product development and engineering 
  • Performance testing
  • Long-term durability testing, including 24/7 unattended operation
  • Complex vehicle simulation
  • Dynamic performance modeling
  • Road load profiles
  • All EPA, CARB, Euro, and similar drive cycles
  • Verification of IEEE, CSA, IEC, and NEMA motor efficiency standards

Efficient and Consistent  

The high voltage battery test system is fully line regenerative, making the system extremely energy efficient. While lowering energy usage substantially and reducing the system’s environmental impact, the system also produces highly repeatable, accurate and consistent results. 

  • Continuous power to 1,500 3,000 kW
  • Voltage ranges to more than 900 1100 VDC (volts direct current) and 1,500 VDC (+750 and -750 VDC) is available for floating loads which most vehicles are.
  • Continuous current in excess of 2,800 amps DC
  • Transient overloads up to 200 percent for up to one minute 
  • Uses industry standard, commercially available hardware components.

Our Systems Delivery Process

The SAKOR delivery process is designed to create testing systems that work. When we understand your products, facility and end use goals, we’ll combine our experience with yours to create turnkey, automated, fully integrated systems with optimal performance. Learn more about our process ›

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