SAKOR Projects

Satellite Servo Control Test System

Project Type: Satellite Servo Control Test System

Customer: Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Denver, CO

Dynamometer: 375W High-Torque MicroDyne™ AC Motoring Dynamometer

Control System: DynoLAB

Other Equipment: MIL STD-1553B Avionics Communications Bus

This system performs in-use load cycling and 100% full load testing of the servo control systems in the latest generation of NASA weather satellites (GOES-R) and the Orion crew module. The system performs testing of all control modes of the units used to position the solar arrays and solar telescope.  It simulates the spacecraft control computer via the 1553B avionics bus and the dynamometer has the ability to accurately control rotational speed as slow as 3 x 10^-6 rpm (one revolution every 231.5 days).

Satellite Servo Control Test System