SAKOR Projects

Advanced Diesel Engine Research Test Cell

Project Type: Diesel Engine Research Test Cell

Customer: Achates Power, LLC., San Diego, CA

Dynamometer: 224 kW AccuDyne AC Motoring Dynamometer

Control System: DynoLAB with Remote I/O

Other Equipment: Engine docking carts and receiver, special torsionally compliant driveline

SAKOR designed this test cell for performance and durability testing on opposed piston high-power research diesel engines of a proprietary design. The customer required that the dynamometer be able to test a wide variety of engines of varying speed, power, number of cylinders and displacement. A special driveline with adjustable torsional compliance and a spindle bearing to eliminate overhung driveline weight on the test engine provided this flexibility without the need to make major changes in the dynamometer/driveline configuration between tests.

Advanced Diesel Engine Research Test Cell