SAKOR Projects

Exhaust System NVH Engine Test Cell

Project Type: Exhaust System NVH Engine Cell

Customer: Benteler Automotive, Auburn Hills, MI

Dynamometer: 400 Hp AccuDyne™ AC Motoring Dynamometer

Control System: DynoLAB™ PT with Remote I/O in Mobile Enclosure

Other Equipment: Dual-fuel flow metering system, engine docking carts and receiver, charging system

SAKOR Technologies developed an engine test cell to perform noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) testing on automotive exhaust systems in conjunction with a hemi-anechoic chamber. The AccuDyne™ dynamometer was designed with frequency shifting capabilities so its operating frequency can be changed to avoid interference with sound measurements. Engines are mated to the dynamometer using heavy-duty wheeled docking carts. The dynamometer base, which floats free of the test cell floor on yellow vibration isolators, allows the entire dynamometer/engine unit to be freely moved within a 20ft. x 20ft. area, for proper alignment of the exhaust system with the hemi-anechoic chamber in the adjacent room. 

Exhaust System NVH Engine Test Cell