SAKOR Projects

HEV Powertrain Validation Dynamometer

Project Type: Electric drives and motors in HEV vehicles

Customer: UQM Technologies, Denver, CO

Dynamometer: 225 kW AccuDyne AC Motoring Dynamometer

Control System: DynoLAB

Other Equipment: 225 kW high-voltage battery simulator, high-bandwidth electric power analyzer

SAKOR Technologies configured this system for a manufacturer of electric drives and motors for use in Electric and Hybrid/Electric vehicles. This system is a highly flexible engineering and design validation tool for the customer’s engineering department.  The high accuracy and wide dynamic range of the AccuDyne™ dynamometer and Regenerative Battery Simulator allow the customer to test their full line of products, while the very flexible nature of the DynoLAB™ system allows them to perform all required testing, ranging from fast dynamic response to long-term durability testing, and true road load simulation with a single test system.

HEV Powertrain Validation Dynamometer