SAKOR Projects

Turnkey Electric Motor Test System

Project Type: Turnkey Electric Motor Test System

Customer: D&D Motors, Syracuse, NY

Dynamometer: 22 kW AccuDyne AC Dynamometer

Control System: DynoLAB

Other Equipment: 10kW and 60 kW DC power supplies, Universal V-block fixture

SAKOR developed a turnkey test system for this manufacturer of series and shunt wound custom DC electric motors used in vehicles. D&D uses the test system for both 100 percent quality control testing at end-of-line, and for engineering and design validation testing. The flexibility of the DynoLAB system allows them to perform these radically different types of testing with one machine, rather than having to own two dedicated testers. The AccuDyne dynamometer allows them to perform motored, as well as loaded testing on the same system. The SAKOR-designed universal V-block mounting system allows for very quick changing of test motors, regardless of size. This is a high-volume production line and each motor being tested may be mechanically different than the last, so SAKOR designed and fabricated an extremely flexible mounting arrangement that allows for very fast configuration and setup of each motor being tested. 

Turnkey Electric Motor Test System