Supplier of Advanced Dynamometer Based Test Systems

At SAKOR Technologies we stand behind what we do. Our underlying philosophy is based on establishing a collaborative relationship with our customers, which greatly minimizes the possibility of costly scope and engineering changes during the design process. We configure a system that integrates specialized dynamometer test equipment and unique technical requirements to our customers’ specific needs. It comes down to trust. We ask questions so we can find out what it is that you really need.

SAKOR Technologies is a privately owned Michigan corporation with more than 25 years of experience providing quality dynamometers, test cell controls, and ancillary equipment for performance, durability, and quality control testing in a wide variety of applications.

Wide Range of Industries

We have equipment installed at locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Korea, China, and are constantly seeking opportunities in new markets. Our customers include many well-known manufacturers, suppliers, and testing facilities in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Automotive
  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Electric Motor and Generator
  • Performance Racing
  • Consumer Appliance

Company History

SAKOR was founded in 1987 and began as a producer of real-time control systems for other test system vendors. Following the purchase of Eltek Corporation, SAKOR entered the engine test cell market with the first PC-based engine test cell data acquisition and control system. Just a few years later, SAKOR pioneered the first stand alone automotive emissions canister conditioning system at the Nissan plant in Smyrna, Tennessee.

SAKOR has led the market since its inception by revolutionizing data acquisition and controls technology through advanced products such as DynoLAB™ III. Built from the ground up as a completely new Windows-based engine test cell data acquisition and control system, DynoLAB was chock-full with state-of-the-art software and hardware.

Over the years, SAKOR has added systems tailored to test electric motors and hybrid vehicles and has recently expanded its expertise into alternative energy, particularly wind power, and high voltage battery testing. We are continuously evolving, regularly updating our software so that it can work with new technology that comes on the market.
1987 Founded Company (January 13, 1987)
Creating real-time control systems for test applications
1991 Purchased Eltek Corporation
Entered the engine test cell market with the Model 8500--the world's first PC- based test cell data acquisition/control system
1993 Introduced ECS line of Emissions Canister Conditioning Systems
Entered the Emissions Testing Market with a unique system for conditioning and testing evaporative emissions control canisters
1995 Introduced DynoLAB III System
A completely new Windows®-based test cell control system
1998 Introduced DynoLAB PT System
A version of the DynoLAB specific to engine and powertrain testing
1999 Introduced DynoLAB EM System
A version of the DynoLAB specific to electric motor and generator testing
2000 Introduced AccuDyne Line of AC Motoring Dynamometers
SAKOR introduced its own design of high-performance motoring dynamometers
2002 Introduced Version 4.0 of DynoLAB
Version 4.0 introduced a unique flowchart based graphical interface that has become the industry standard in test cell control software
2004 Introduced the MicroDyne Line of AC Motoring Dynamometers
A tiny, low inertia version of the AccuDyne for very small electric motor applications
2008 Introduced Hybrid Vehicle Driveline Test System
Combining 24 years of drivetrain and electric motor testing experience into a single unit capable of testing hybrid or electric vehicle components and complete drivelines
2009 Introduced High-Voltage Battery Simulator/Test System
A single unit that provides consistent, repeatable simulation of hybrid vehicle batteries for electric driveline testing, as well as accurate vehicle simulation for high-voltage battery performance testing


Conveniently located near the Auto/ Diesel Institute at Baker College of Owosso, our administrative, engineering, and manufacturing operations are combined in one facility located in Owosso, MI.

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